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Would You Like To Buy a Guitar ?


Would you like to buy a guitar ?  maybe a Gretsch, Gibson, or Martin ? but don’t want to spend the money for a collectors  model ? . Then enter  YAMAHA  APX  SERIES…

Globally acclaimed  for  it’s  playability  and  famous  for  it’s  exceptional  clarity ,  solid  rosewood  back  and  sides ,  new  cosmetics  include  mahogany  wood  binding  , black  button  tuning  pegs  and  abalone / MOP  position  markers .



The  APX  Oval   Soundhole  thickens  lower  mid  response  and  gives  a  more strident  open  low  end , you  have  to come  in  and  check  them  out  and  let  the  Team  at  ESSANESS  MUSIC  guide  you  in  the  right  direction …..                Stay  Classy  !! ..

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Thin Body Electronic Acoustic Guitar taking the stage by storm.

Introduced in  1987 the APX Series has become the mainstay of the range.

If you are a performer who needs to plug and play on stage or you just want to run  over a few chords , with a built in pre amp and pickups , cutaway neck you will get that big sound that belies their thinline bodies.

The expertly crafted non scalloped X type bracing allows the APX’s Top to sing and maximizes the resonance of the unique body shape for a full, natural tone that will give a crisp , clear attack allowing you to stand out in a live mix.


Because the APX has an oval sound hole  , you get an oval feed back buster for FREE .    Call in and check them out  !!

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From the variety of acoustic  guitars  available  you  will see  that different guitars are constructed  in many different  ways .

The use of poor materials in the making of the guitar, will result in the poor sound quality of the instrument , and may even cause the instrument to warp  or become distorted  from its original shape.

The instrument made of GREEN  timber , would have a very poor sound  and would  tend  to want to distort  from its original  shape.


The three most important things  to have for constructing a soundboard is for it to have good tonal quality,  and good strength and stability  and finally  it must  lend its self to deliver a super look  if it is to be finished or  varnished  to protect or decorate  it .

The  best  soundboard  material  would  most likely be from the best quality  blemish free  “ quarter sawn  , bookmatched  well seasoned  straight grained  spruce or pine .

If you have any questions please do not wait or hesitate to call in to your Essaness  Music  team of experts where we will answer ALL your questions  and  give good sound advise ….. Happy Playing from your Essaness Team …

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No Need To Buy A Drum Kit

This Christmas there is no need to buy the budding drummer in your life a DRUM  KIT.
Let me explain, …..If you have decided to become a DRUMMER !!                              your first and most important function is being a time keeper.. for which you will need a metronome .

The second most important thing you will need is a practice pad ,  this can be very fancy , ranging from a brightly coloured one , to one with a rim ,  for practicing your RIM SHOTS ,  or just a plain black flat one that will go on a flat surface , or a 14” round one to fit on your snare drum ( if and when it ever arrives 🙂

The third item you will require is a pair of sticks, in fact you will need two pairs when you get going ( a heavy pair for practicing  and a lighter pair for playing. )

These items can all be purchaced in store and are not expencive , but these pieces of equipment are the basis for your DRUMMING CAREER .
Please call into the store for any further help , ideas or information, and remember …. HAPPY  PLAYING   from your team at ESSANESS MUSIC

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Pickups  and  their  associated wires  and  controls  make  up  the  very  heart  of  any  electric  guitar  thus  forming  the  guitars  sound  characteristics  .

This  is  a  question  we get  asked  a  lot  in  the  shop ,  lots  of  people  think  they  have  sound  because  of  “  the  battery “  because  it  is  plugged  in  to  the  wall  or  ESB,  or  because  it  has  a  speaker  in  it  …..none  are  actually  true  !!!

 The  reason  the  guitar  has “ sound “  is  because  Pickup  or  Pickups  fitted,   these  act  like  mini  microphones  and their magnets pickup the vibrations of the strings and transfer  the  sound  of  the vibrating strings  through  a  lead  to  an  amplifier.

It  is  possible  to  make   small  adjustments  by  fitting  different  pickups  to  change  the  sound  of  the  guitar    .

The  single  coil  pick  up and the  twin  coil  pick  up or “ humbucker “ are  the  main  types  ,  the  single  coil  is  something  of  a  vintage  style  or  on  a  very  cheap  or  beginners  guitar   .

A  combination  of  the  basic  single  coil  wiring  and  with  the  addition   of  switches  can  determine  the  style  if  it  is  to  be  in series  or  parallel  ,  in  or  out  of  phase  with  one  or  more   pick ups   .

Questions  about  these  and  other  electric   guitar  problems  are handled  on  a  daily  basis  in  Essaness  Music ,  Kilkenny  ,   so  if  you  have  any  questions   about  any  points  raised  in  this  blog  please  call   in  to  the  store ,  until  the  next  time .

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Even You Can Play The Bodhran

To play the Bodhran in a few quick steps.

You can  follow these easy steps

Place the Bodhran on your left knee with your left hand inside the rim with you palm touching the skin.

Take the” Tipper “ in your right hand and “ FLICK “ your right wrist as if you were flicking water from it.

Now continue flicking in a fluent motion like the American Indian beat 1,2,3,4    1,2,3,4

With the bottom end of the tipper that faces you, just practice with this one end of the tipper until you are comfortable with it, then as you speed up the flick of your wrist the top end of the tipper will come over the top and touch the bodhran skin,

The bottom of the tipper passes the skin up and down like a paint brush where as the top only touches the skin to make its beat,

The triplet is difficult to start with but once you are comfortable with the tipper in your hand and have your rhythm going , start flicking your wrist further and the top of the tipper comes into play and your triplets will flowbod2

Also if your in Kilkenny just call into Essaness Music for some free lessons 🙂

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Suggestions For Buying A Guitar


Is the action too high ? in other words are the string too far away from the finger board.  If so then it will be difficult to press the strings on to the frets  ( the strips of brass on the finger board ) .
Is the action  too Low  ?  do the strings buzz on the frets ? by touching them , and so the tone will be poor .  If the overall feel of the guitar does not feel comfortable  ,  then put a deposit on it and bring it in to your guitar tech team in ESSANESS MUSIC .

If the action is too high , we can adjust it by a number of options , By adjusting the saddle , adjusting the neck via the Truss rod  , adjusting the nut , if needed  we can adjust the struts under the sound board at the saddle .

If the action is too Low , we can also work on the nut , adjust the Truss rod or  raise  the saddle , but most importantly  you need to know you will be getting a top Class job for a very reasonable fee  .

As the guitar is going to be your new best friend , you need to be head over heels with it , Don’t forget to let us have a look before you  Buy and avoid disappointment .. Happy Hunting from the ESSANESS MUSIC  team .

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Introduction to the rhythm guitar


The most important thing to remember about rock n roll is that its dance music . When you play rock n roll people want to dance and dancing requires a strong steady tempo and a good rhythm .

If you plan to be the rhythm guitar player in a band , then it is your responsibility to keep a solid flow to the tempo , your job in the band is very important .

The only equipment you will need is a guitar and a plectrum .Although most playing  is done standing up , most guitarists practice sitting down , simply cross your legs and rest the round part of the guitar on your right thigh ,  you are ready to begin…

Don’t worry about tuning , ask a friend or bring it in to us and let the ESSANESS MUSIC   Team tune it for you , and don’t forget to ask about any current offers in house or tips and ideas on how to improve ..

We will be holding mini workshops  on all aspects of guitar playing  from absolute beginner to a working  ( or not depending  !!  )  standard..  Ask in store when the next one is …..and enjoy playing  !!! The Essaness Team

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Guild Serial Numbers

Guild   Serial   Numbers


A question we have been asked about recently is that of serial numbers for GUILD  and I wanted to help clarify  the situation.

To this day no official GUILD document has been reported  that would give any  indication  into GUILD’s early serial numbering system.


The earliest GUILD guitars  that have been reported so far have potentiometer codes  that don’t date back any further than the 5th  week of 1953 , all of these were electric archtops.


The serial numbers of these early instruments have a 4 digits and  no instruments with serial numbers below  1001 are known to exist.


Since the GUILD COMPANY  was officially registered on 24thguild

October  1952,  the start of production was announced

On 17th April  1953 , it would be correct to assume  that

Setrial numbers  1000 or 1001 would be  the first .


All early GUILD guitars  have  the serial  number  written

On a label,  but since the M 75 did not have a label the

Number was  stamped into the  back of the headstock.


This does not tally with  the  list printed  in the “ Gruhn’s

Guide To Vintage Guitars “ however the list compiled

After 1955  and further  seem to be  reliable , so if you

Have any queries , please let us know … from the Essaness

Team … Happy Playing .


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Digital Technology Introduced To Drum Shell’s

Digital Technology attained sound reproduction never before  possible for drummers looking for natural sounds from their drums.

This demand was met by having thinner shells with reinforcement rings for a full bodied natural sound ideal for recording.

For the first time the player had the freedom to choose him or her ‘s  type of wood  or blend of Maple  Birch or African Mahogany the  depth and thickness  of the shells, hardware  or colour to create a one of a kind  to the player’s  requirements.

Dozens of prototypes were made and tested using “ blindfold “  listening  tests,  then finally  they were recorded live   and praised for the high standard  of balanced sound achieved .

A drum set is like no other  instrument  where each drum  was an instrument  with its own unique sound  with its own thickness,  wood blend and bearing edge and that was only the beginning .

Please reply or comment on any of these blogs… Happy Drumming from the Essaness Team