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Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix
With the release of his first single on Polydor , Jimi Hendrix reverted from Jimmy James to his own name, although with a modified spelling.
Chas Chandler had quickly put together a band consisting of a guitarist called Noel Redding – who played bass just to get the gig , and a drummer who he knew called Mitch Mitchell.
They were to be known as the Jimi Hendrix Experience and their first single “ Hey Joe “ which was written by Tim Rose, was released in December 1966, by early new year it was at no4 in the charts.
In the first nine months of 1967 he followed up with three more hit singles that were to become all time classics, they were “ Purple Haze “, “ And the wind cries Mary “, and then “ The burning of the Midnight lamp “.

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Guitar spring capo

spring capo for offerUsing a Spring Capo

The Spring Capo is a clever little device which allows you to play a chord progression in different keys,

Putting the Spring Capo on the first fret will raise the open strings by 1 semi tone, on the second fret it will raise them by 2 semi tones,

Suppose you want to sing a melody

 with the chord Am-G-F-E but it is too low for your voice, by using a Spring Capo on the first fret you raise the pitch of the whole sequence, But still use exactly the same chord shapes

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