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No Need To Buy A Drum Kit

This Christmas there is no need to buy the budding drummer in your life a DRUM  KIT.
Let me explain, …..If you have decided to become a DRUMMER !!                              your first and most important function is being a time keeper.. for which you will need a metronome .

The second most important thing you will need is a practice pad ,  this can be very fancy , ranging from a brightly coloured one , to one with a rim ,  for practicing your RIM SHOTS ,  or just a plain black flat one that will go on a flat surface , or a 14” round one to fit on your snare drum ( if and when it ever arrives 🙂

The third item you will require is a pair of sticks, in fact you will need two pairs when you get going ( a heavy pair for practicing  and a lighter pair for playing. )

These items can all be purchaced in store and are not expencive , but these pieces of equipment are the basis for your DRUMMING CAREER .
Please call into the store for any further help , ideas or information, and remember …. HAPPY  PLAYING   from your team at ESSANESS MUSIC

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Introduction to the rhythm guitar


The most important thing to remember about rock n roll is that its dance music . When you play rock n roll people want to dance and dancing requires a strong steady tempo and a good rhythm .

If you plan to be the rhythm guitar player in a band , then it is your responsibility to keep a solid flow to the tempo , your job in the band is very important .

The only equipment you will need is a guitar and a plectrum .Although most playing  is done standing up , most guitarists practice sitting down , simply cross your legs and rest the round part of the guitar on your right thigh ,  you are ready to begin…

Don’t worry about tuning , ask a friend or bring it in to us and let the ESSANESS MUSIC   Team tune it for you , and don’t forget to ask about any current offers in house or tips and ideas on how to improve ..

We will be holding mini workshops  on all aspects of guitar playing  from absolute beginner to a working  ( or not depending  !!  )  standard..  Ask in store when the next one is …..and enjoy playing  !!! The Essaness Team

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Guild Serial Numbers

Guild   Serial   Numbers


A question we have been asked about recently is that of serial numbers for GUILD  and I wanted to help clarify  the situation.

To this day no official GUILD document has been reported  that would give any  indication  into GUILD’s early serial numbering system.


The earliest GUILD guitars  that have been reported so far have potentiometer codes  that don’t date back any further than the 5th  week of 1953 , all of these were electric archtops.


The serial numbers of these early instruments have a 4 digits and  no instruments with serial numbers below  1001 are known to exist.


Since the GUILD COMPANY  was officially registered on 24thguild

October  1952,  the start of production was announced

On 17th April  1953 , it would be correct to assume  that

Setrial numbers  1000 or 1001 would be  the first .


All early GUILD guitars  have  the serial  number  written

On a label,  but since the M 75 did not have a label the

Number was  stamped into the  back of the headstock.


This does not tally with  the  list printed  in the “ Gruhn’s

Guide To Vintage Guitars “ however the list compiled

After 1955  and further  seem to be  reliable , so if you

Have any queries , please let us know … from the Essaness

Team … Happy Playing .


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Digital Technology Introduced To Drum Shell’s

Digital Technology attained sound reproduction never before  possible for drummers looking for natural sounds from their drums.

This demand was met by having thinner shells with reinforcement rings for a full bodied natural sound ideal for recording.

For the first time the player had the freedom to choose him or her ‘s  type of wood  or blend of Maple  Birch or African Mahogany the  depth and thickness  of the shells, hardware  or colour to create a one of a kind  to the player’s  requirements.

Dozens of prototypes were made and tested using “ blindfold “  listening  tests,  then finally  they were recorded live   and praised for the high standard  of balanced sound achieved .

A drum set is like no other  instrument  where each drum  was an instrument  with its own unique sound  with its own thickness,  wood blend and bearing edge and that was only the beginning .

Please reply or comment on any of these blogs… Happy Drumming from the Essaness Team

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The Sound of The Acoustic Guitar

The Sound of The Acoustic Guitar

It is generally agreed the principle of all acoustic guitars producing sound is the same, when you strike a string on a guitar you apply energy to make it vibrate.

When the string vibrates it is not enough to create sound that can be heard clearly, it can be thought of as being like a tuning fork which vibrates when struck but the sound is inaudible until it comes into contact with a mass of lower density which can then transmit vibrations in the air and becomes audible .

This is why acoustic guitars have hollow bodies that have carefully designed soundboxes . The energy of strings vibrating is transferred to the sound box via the bridge and saddle over which they pass, the sound box vibrates in sympathy with the strings to create an audible sound.

The projection and volume of the sound waves can be heard up to a reasonable distance, a simple way of showing this is to play both an acoustic and electric guitar un pluged and see the difference in volume, showing the sound box is producing the volume whereas the electric is only a mounting block for pickup’s , bridge and controls.

In conclusion the sound from the acoustic is generated via the sound box and the electric sound is produced with amplifer and speakers, Happy Playing ..

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The Flamenco Guitar

The Flamenco Guitar

The Flamenco guitar build and construction are based on the style of the Spanish classical guitar, but with slight modifications that suit the requirements of the Flamenco player.

The body is usually slightly smaller than the classical design, its back and rib structure are made from Spanish Cyprus crafted very thinly to produce a wide and more brilliant tone,

This in turn produces a more penetrating  sound and gives the instrument  greater volume.

There is also a perceived  reduction in mellowness and tone , which explains why some solo flamenco guitarists  prefer to play classical guitars…….Happy Playing..from all at Essaness Music.

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Digital Pianos and Keyboards


Digital Pianos and Keyboards in Kilkenny can be seen in Essaness Music.

They were to make practicing and playing fun, weaving a riveting tapestry of sound worthy of a concert hall instrument.


Wether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll be inspired by the rich ,pure and responsive tone from the moment you hit the first chord.


The real feel of the piano and recording options together with the huge music database of voices and styles will have you playing all the time, why not call in to  in Kilkenny and see what YOU think .   Happy Playing…

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The number of Vent holes in Timber Drums can influence both the drum’s timbre and projection.

To design a shell with one or more, up to ten vent holes will depend on the drum’s dimensions, by varying the number of holes particularly on larger shells,


The make up of the drum ie, the thickness and amount of ply’s and the joining system being overlapped or butted will determine the drum’s sustain length , amount of mid – bass tone and playing comfort  which  can all be fine tuned.     Happy Playing.

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Up until approx fifty years ago the Spanish guitar was the instrument of choice played by the majority of guitarists in the world, it was unusual for it to be played with a plectrum as it was broadly accepted that the fingers got the best sound for the styles of music played on the Spanish  Guitar.

The range of styles played on the Spanish guitar is still greater than that of the steel guitar  and is still the only style accepted as a legitimate classical instrument.


The original Spanish flamenco used songs and ballads related to the area and used mostly  open chords based on the 1-v-1 structure, this progression is standard in flamenco music, and is used with minor scales. An important part of  the  right hand  technique is called “ rascuedo “ .

 With the right hand fingers  clenched there is a flicking motion ,  so that the finger nails play three or four  down strokes in quick succession and the palm drops down to provide a damping effect, letting the thumb alternate with the fingers and play bass notes  independently

Practice  this technique and we can then move on to more styles. Happy Playing

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Folk and Country Rhythms



Folk and Country music is largely dominated by the acoustic guitar,

Mainly as a result of its portability and versatility where there is no drummer or bass player the guitar assumes the role of time and harmony.


The BALLAD is the most common rhythm and by definition it is played at a slow to moderate tempo with any of the following, plectrum,thumbpick,fingerpics or fingerstyle.


Time signatures are usually ¾ and 4/4 and the songs use simple basic chords and progessions almost always played with a full left hand sustain,by that I mean they are allowed to sustain without being dampened.


The most common right hand styles are a full open strum, alternative bass notes with arpeggios,  the strums may be upstrokes or downstrokes playing a steady smooth rhythm with the most common timing being a downstroke on the 1st beat , an upstroke on the 2nd beat , a down on the 3rd and up on the 4th beat.


Folk and Country styles played faster quite often relate to a kind of dance, American bluegrass, mountain , western swing and Irish jigs and reels all share common elements.