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No Need To Buy A Drum Kit

This Christmas there is no need to buy the budding drummer in your life a DRUM  KIT.
Let me explain, …..If you have decided to become a DRUMMER !!                              your first and most important function is being a time keeper.. for which you will need a metronome .

The second most important thing you will need is a practice pad ,  this can be very fancy , ranging from a brightly coloured one , to one with a rim ,  for practicing your RIM SHOTS ,  or just a plain black flat one that will go on a flat surface , or a 14” round one to fit on your snare drum ( if and when it ever arrives 🙂

The third item you will require is a pair of sticks, in fact you will need two pairs when you get going ( a heavy pair for practicing  and a lighter pair for playing. )

These items can all be purchaced in store and are not expencive , but these pieces of equipment are the basis for your DRUMMING CAREER .
Please call into the store for any further help , ideas or information, and remember …. HAPPY  PLAYING   from your team at ESSANESS MUSIC

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