Martinez Classical Guitar Pack



classic guitar, 3/4 scale, with guitar bag and pitch pipe, green

The Martinez Classical Pack, a complete set for beginning guitar players for a very economical price!

The set consists of a classical guitar, a matching carrying bag and a pitch pipe. This is a great set for beginners , hobbyists, people who would like to bring a guitar on their holidays or people who would like to find out whether guitar playing is their thing or not. The MTC-083 is also a great musical gift.

You can divide acoustic guitars in roughly 2 kinds: The western guitar and the classical guitar. The classical guitar is a great guitar for beginners because of its nylon strings opposed to the steel strings of the western guitar. The wider neck of a classical guitar makes it easier to find the right finger positions.

The MTC-082 is a 3/4 scale guitar and is available in multiple colors: natural, black, red sunburst, blue sunburst and green sunburst. There are more sizes available (full size and 1/2).


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