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From the variety of acoustic  guitars  available  you  will see  that different guitars are constructed  in many different  ways .

The use of poor materials in the making of the guitar, will result in the poor sound quality of the instrument , and may even cause the instrument to warp  or become distorted  from its original shape.

The instrument made of GREEN  timber , would have a very poor sound  and would  tend  to want to distort  from its original  shape.


The three most important things  to have for constructing a soundboard is for it to have good tonal quality,  and good strength and stability  and finally  it must  lend its self to deliver a super look  if it is to be finished or  varnished  to protect or decorate  it .

The  best  soundboard  material  would  most likely be from the best quality  blemish free  “ quarter sawn  , bookmatched  well seasoned  straight grained  spruce or pine .

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