Guild   Serial   Numbers


A question we have been asked about recently is that of serial numbers for GUILD  and I wanted to help clarify  the situation.

To this day no official GUILD document has been reported  that would give any  indication  into GUILD’s early serial numbering system.


The earliest GUILD guitars  that have been reported so far have potentiometer codes  that don’t date back any further than the 5th  week of 1953 , all of these were electric archtops.


The serial numbers of these early instruments have a 4 digits and  no instruments with serial numbers below  1001 are known to exist.


Since the GUILD COMPANY  was officially registered on 24thguild

October  1952,  the start of production was announced

On 17th April  1953 , it would be correct to assume  that

Setrial numbers  1000 or 1001 would be  the first .


All early GUILD guitars  have  the serial  number  written

On a label,  but since the M 75 did not have a label the

Number was  stamped into the  back of the headstock.


This does not tally with  the  list printed  in the “ Gruhn’s

Guide To Vintage Guitars “ however the list compiled

After 1955  and further  seem to be  reliable , so if you

Have any queries , please let us know … from the Essaness

Team … Happy Playing .