The most important thing to remember about rock n roll is that its dance music . When you play rock n roll people want to dance and dancing requires a strong steady tempo and a good rhythm .

If you plan to be the rhythm guitar player in a band , then it is your responsibility to keep a solid flow to the tempo , your job in the band is very important .

The only equipment you will need is a guitar and a plectrum .Although most playing  is done standing up , most guitarists practice sitting down , simply cross your legs and rest the round part of the guitar on your right thigh ,  you are ready to begin…

Don’t worry about tuning , ask a friend or bring it in to us and let the ESSANESS MUSIC   Team tune it for you , and don’t forget to ask about any current offers in house or tips and ideas on how to improve ..

We will be holding mini workshops  on all aspects of guitar playing  from absolute beginner to a working  ( or not depending  !!  )  standard..  Ask in store when the next one is …..and enjoy playing  !!! The Essaness Team