Is the action too high ? in other words are the string too far away from the finger board.  If so then it will be difficult to press the strings on to the frets  ( the strips of brass on the finger board ) .
Is the action  too Low  ?  do the strings buzz on the frets ? by touching them , and so the tone will be poor .  If the overall feel of the guitar does not feel comfortable  ,  then put a deposit on it and bring it in to your guitar tech team in ESSANESS MUSIC .

If the action is too high , we can adjust it by a number of options , By adjusting the saddle , adjusting the neck via the Truss rod  , adjusting the nut , if needed  we can adjust the struts under the sound board at the saddle .

If the action is too Low , we can also work on the nut , adjust the Truss rod or  raise  the saddle , but most importantly  you need to know you will be getting a top Class job for a very reasonable fee  .

As the guitar is going to be your new best friend , you need to be head over heels with it , Don’t forget to let us have a look before you  Buy and avoid disappointment .. Happy Hunting from the ESSANESS MUSIC  team .