To play the Bodhran in a few quick steps.

You can  follow these easy steps

Place the Bodhran on your left knee with your left hand inside the rim with you palm touching the skin.

Take the” Tipper “ in your right hand and “ FLICK “ your right wrist as if you were flicking water from it.

Now continue flicking in a fluent motion like the American Indian beat 1,2,3,4    1,2,3,4

With the bottom end of the tipper that faces you, just practice with this one end of the tipper until you are comfortable with it, then as you speed up the flick of your wrist the top end of the tipper will come over the top and touch the bodhran skin,

The bottom of the tipper passes the skin up and down like a paint brush where as the top only touches the skin to make its beat,

The triplet is difficult to start with but once you are comfortable with the tipper in your hand and have your rhythm going , start flicking your wrist further and the top of the tipper comes into play and your triplets will flowbod2

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